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Ultra Long Travel Quarter (1/4) Elliptic Conversion

Ever heard of a Quarter Elliptic? Ever seen one? The only one on an International Scout that we have ever heard of was done by our EXTREME Scout Buildup 2000 projects.


The benefits of this ultra trick setup are many.

First, axle wrap. The quarter elliptic utilizes a 3 or 4-link rear suspension. This is a favorite conversion among Hot Rods because the links hold the axle perfectly in place and doesn’t allow them to twist. That means ZERO wrap.

Second, FLEX. Have you seen a rig with absolute jaw dropping flex? The ¼ elliptic gives you that and more. Standard setups can give you up to 48 inches of rear suspension travel (that’s all in the rear suspension).

Third, ride height. Do you want a specific ride height? No problem, we can set the spring mounts anywhere. That means your not to high, and not to low…you are right where you want it. (note: the less height will compromise compression movement.)

Forth, comfy ride. Because the ¼ elliptic springs are custom built for flex, they are often softer than your stock suspension. Combine that with the 4-link suspension and your riding on air. Carefully positioned shocks minimize body roll and your left with a trail rig that will ride better than a Caddy.

Fifth, the choice of professionals. We stated that the 4-link suspension was a favorite setup among Hot Rods, but did you know that this style of suspension is used with Baja Racers, Rock Buggies, and other high-performance applications?


What kind of ramp score can you expect? We don’t know. We keep running out of ramp! We CAN say that we usually top off the ramp at over 1400 on a 20 degree, but unless you have a 30 degree RTI, you may never know how much flex you actually have! But even with the 30 degree ramp, you may just drive over that as well.

Conversion Includes

  • Custom build long travel 4-link rear suspension (or 3-link)
  • Custom built 1/4 elliptic springs
  • Correct Pinion Angle (turn pumpkin to point towards T-case)
  • Custom lengthen/balance drive shaft for optimum articulation
  • RTI ramp test before final welding
  • Custom locate shock
  • RTI Ramp test to insure new shocks don't limit axle travel.
  • New rear shocks (Rancho 5000 or equivalent)
  • Final RTI Ramp test and test drive (make sure there is no vibrations).


Total cost for drive away conversion is $2450 (assuming nothing on the rig is broken)

All prices include parts, labor and one year workmanship warranty. All shocks carry manufacturer warranty. All parts are provided by D and C Extreme. No customer parts will be accepted. D and C is not responsible for vehicle transportation although we can help arrange transportation. All work is done by D and C Extreme Ind. Conversion time is approximately 1 week, without complications. Complications could include previously worn or broken components currently on the rig. Because this setup will tend to bring out worn components, we are not responsible those inadequate components, even if the owner wasn't aware of them previously. The Quarter Elliptic conversion is not suitable for street driving.

December 28, 2000

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